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March 31, 2008

Happy New Year from Kazakhstan, Roksonaki Music


More music…

"Roksonaki may be the most interesting avant-garde band to come out of Central Asia since the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991. Bringing the 13th century into dialogue with the 21st, their unique sound fluently and joyfully combines elements of ancient nomadic Kazak traditions -- reed flutes and throat-singing -- with contemporary rock and jazz.




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March 28, 2008

Happy New Year from Kurdistan

Ayoub Ali - Lêmrenca - Rotterdam Concert March 21 nawroz 2008


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Happy New Year from Firoozeh Dumas - Book: Laughing Without an Accent

laughing_without_an_accent_ firoozeh_dumas.jpg

Adventures of an Iranian American, at Home and Abroad

Get multiple copies, before goes on Oprah list, shipping in April 29, 2008


Firoozeh Dumas was born in Abadan...Firoozeh decided to write her stories as a gift for her children... Funny in Farsi was on the SF Chronicle and LA Times bestseller lists...finalist for the PEN/USA award in 2004 ...Jimmy Carter called Funny in Farsi, “A humorous and introspective chronicle of a life filled with love—of family, country and heritage.”...Funny in Farsi is now on the California Recommended Reading List...The Persian version of Funny in Farsi is currently one of the bestselling books in Iran.



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March 27, 2008

Happy New Year from Azerbaijan

Thousands of people gather to celebrate the Norouz festival in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Happy New Year from Kyrgyzstan

In Bishkek, spectators enjoy a pagent of drama, dance, and music during the Norouz festivities.

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Happy New Year from Tajikistan

Norouz holiday in Dushanbe - RFE/RL


More photographs from RFE/RL


Sorod e Tajikan

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Happy New Year from Iran

The "haft sin" table includes apples to represent beauty and health, a hyacinth to signify rebirth - RFE/RL


More photographs from RFE/RL


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Happy New Year from Afghanistan



Afghans believe that Mazar-e Sharif is where Ali, son-in-law of Muhammad and the fourth caliph, is buried - RFE/RL


More photographs from RFE/RL


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Happy New Year from Turkmenistan


Norouz celebrations in Ashgabat - RFE/RL



More photographs from RFE/RL

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March 25, 2008

Happy New Year from GLWIZ.com - live tv as you like it

Free E-card

همیشه من چنین مجنون نبودم              ز عقل و عافیت بیرون نبودم

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Happy New Year from Shams and Rumi

Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished his heart. Whoever has polished his heart more sees more -- more unseen forms become manifest to him.

چه نزدیک است   جان تو به جانم        که هر چیزی که اندیشی   بدانم
ضمیر همدگر   دانند یاران                    نباشم یار صادق   گر ندانم
چو آب صاف باشد   یار با یار              که بنماید در او   عکس بنانم
اگر چه عامه هم   آیینه هااند              که بنماید در او   سود و زیانم
ولیکن آن به هر دم   تیره گردد         که او را نیست   صیقل های جانم
ولی آیینه ای عارف   نگردد              اگر خاک جهان بر وی   فشانم
از این آیینه روی خود   مگردان          که می گوید که جانت را   امانم
من و گفت من آیینه ست   جان را           بیابد حال خویش   اندر بیانم
خمش کن   تا به ابرو و به غمزه          هزاران ماجرا   بر وی بخوانم


دیوان شمس تبریزی



Rumi: Listen to the reed, how it complains of separation ...


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March 24, 2008

Happy New Year from Mohsen Namjoo - محسن نامجو


http://www.mohsennamjoo.at It's difficult to talk about oneself especially when it is easy to be misinterpreted and the misinterpretation can be widely spread through contemporary communication tools. In fact it seems that there is no one who wants to listen to you talking about yourself. We have also learned that the interpretations of the audience about one’s art work are not less valuable as than the intention of the author him/herself...


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Happy New Year from Tajikistan - دلنازه

Tajikistan needs my help

بهاری ما جهانی را بزیبد : زمین و آسمانی را بزیبد همین یک لحظه ی زیبا که ماراست تمام زنده گانی را بزیبد.

باز باز می آيد اين بهار نازنيين ليک ليک نمی آيد اين دور جوانی

هر گه اگر که تنهايی را حس کند باز باز عزيز و عاشق می ماند

جوانی از محبت گردد آغاز به عشق همديگر صادق بماند

از آن تا که نبيند نوجوانی عزيز آن دائم عاشق مي ماند

In short, the people of Tajikistan are starving and freezing.


баҳори мо ҷаҳоне ро бизебад. замину осмоме ро бизибад. ҳамин як лаҳзае зебо ки морост. таммоме зиндагони ро бизебад

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March 23, 2008

Happy New Year from Speaker Nancy Pelosi




Eid eh Shoma Mobarak. It is my distinct honor to bring you greetings on the occasion of Nowruz, Persian New Year. As Speaker of the House, and the Representative from California’s 8th Congressional District in San Francisco, I am proud to have a diverse constituency, including a vibrant Iranian-American community that represents the beauty and strength of our country.




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Happy New Year from Dr. Masood Khatamee and First Lady of the United States Laura Bush



A traditional Haft Sin table celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is seen set Wednesday, March 19, 2008, in the State Dining Room of the White House.




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Happy New Year from Darius


This country Persia which Ahuramazda gave to me is a good country, full of good horses, full of good men. By the favor of Ahuramazda and of me, king Darius, this country fears no other country.

May Ahuramazda and the gods of the royal house come to my aid. May Ahuramazda protect this country from invaders, from famine, and from the Lie! May there never be upon this country an army, famine, or the Lie! This I pray as a favor from Ahuramazda and the gods of the royal house. May Ahuramazda and the gods of the royal house do me this favor!



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March 22, 2008

Happy New Year from Obama


Obama Statement Commemorating the Persian New Year
Chicago, IL | March 20, 2008

On behalf of Michelle and my two daughters, I want to offer my best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous Persian New Year. Nowruz has been celebrated for at least 3,000 years by millions worldwide including over 1 million Iranian Americans in the United States. As I campaign across the country, I am frequently reminded of the tremendous contributions and aspirations of Iranian Americans. Iranian Americans have contributed to the social, economic, and cultural fabric of this nation. Together, we will help write the next chapter of the great American story. It is my great honor to celebrate this Persian New Year with you.



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Happy New Year from Laleh - لاله

Laleh Jaun! http://www.laleh.se/


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Happy New Year from Marzieh - مرضيه

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March 21, 2008

Happy New Year from Leyla - لیلا

Continue below to read English translation

A few decades or so ago a little baby was born in the then booming city of Tehran, Iran. It was spring equinox, known as Naw Ruz, and my young, stylish grandma and grandpa were the lucky parents. Yes, it was my mommy who was born that night at midnight. Sure, in those days there were many challenges. Life was not perfect, as it rarely is. But little did my family know that those were to be, despite everything, the most carefree years of their life; a life that was to become increasingly harder and more traumatic.

When I look at my family’s black and white and then Kodak-brown photos of Iran, I see youth, energy, beauty. In all their photos, my family seemed to look toward their future with a sparkle and yet a wisdom or slight foreboding they could not have consciously anticipated then.

Things didn’t come as they had perhaps expected. When the revolution took its course, my family ended up with my great-parents, who had settled in Austria in the 1950s. Their wisdom crystallized in time, but as a result of much hardship and pain. Yet no matter what turn the rollercoaster of life has taken them, they rode along in it, as strong and dignified as they humanly could – always holding on to their Faith in God. Knowing some of the things my family has been through, and yet thinking of their strong, broad and heart-melting smiles as they defy some of life’s ugliest facets infuses me with great strength.

“Were it not for the cold, how would the heat of thy words prevail?...” it says in the Fire Tablet. This sentence has accompanied me for as long as I have known this Prayer. In this cold world, my mother has been a beacon of light and warmth, a gentle, kind and above all compassionate human being. Her compassion is so great, that it has the power to lift a person’s suffering as she completely absorbs it into herself. When I think of my mom I think of sunshine and flowers. And the irony is, that she thinks so little of herself.

One of her many gifts was to pass onto me the sweet and passionate Persian language and a love and ‘sense’ of Iran. My grandma, who was my other mother really, would often sit at night and read with me stories of rabbits and hedge-hogs, of snow-men and children, of everything that Persian children would read about in the books they had somehow salvaged. It was a tedious process for them to teach me Persian in Austria, back then, a very xenophobic country. But they did it anyway. And their stories of the Tajreesh bridge, of the fruit seller who would come around on his donkey, the stories of the various different neighborhoods, the romantic villages and villagers, the bazaars, the stories of the crazy Terooni drivers, of the mosques of Isfahan, of Chatanooga Café and the impressive Radiocity Cinema…all these things colored my childhood fantasy. I soaked it up and went there with them, to a place that they wanted to pass onto me, if only in spirit.

They’ve done a great job. It’s my mom’s birthday and I thank God for the blessing of her. It is because of her labor that I can even open my mouth and say anything coherent. Happy Naw Ruz mother – it’s a new day. And as cold and dark as the world may feel, it is the light of your likes that shows us the way. http://www.elham.tv

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Happy New Year from Siavash Kasrai - سیاوش کسرائی


بهار می شود

یکی دو روز دیگر     از پگاه
 چو چشم باز می کنی
 زمانه       زیر و رو
 زمینه       شکاف می خورد
 به دشت    سبزه می زند
 هر آن چه مانده بود     زیر خک
هر آنچه خفته بود      زیر برف
جوان و شسته رفته          آشکار می شود

به تاج کوه
ز گرمی      نگاه آفتاب
 بلور برف      آب می شود
 دهان دره ها      پراز سرود      چشمه سارمی شود
نسیم هرزه      پو
 ز روی لاله های   کوه
کنار لانه های      کبک
 فراز خارهای    هفت رنگ
نفس زنان و خسته       می رسد
 غریق موج کشتزار        می شود
در آسمان
گروه گله های      ابر
 ز هر کناره        می رسد
به هر کرانه     می دود
به روی جلگه ها     غبار می شود

درین بهار ... آه
چه یادها
 چه حرفهای     ناتمام
 دل پر آرزو
 چو شاخ پر شکوفه       باردار می شود
نگار          من
 امید نوبهار     من
لبی به خنده باز کن
ببین چگونه از گلی
خزان باغ ما             بهار می شود


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March 20, 2008

Happy New Year from Yeganeh

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Happy New Year from Google

Happy first day of spring. YVLn6j0Rz5VciXAkbA3oT4pND7ar.jpg

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Happy New Year from Iran and USA leaders


Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution:
"This year, innovation must engulf the whole country. Moreover, all the government officials must consider themselves responsible and must benefit the people through utilizing material and spiritual means, using innovative methods and taking short cuts through effective management and appropriate planning."

President George W. Bush:
" This cherished and ancient festival brings together family and friends to reflect on what has come before and celebrate a season of new beginnings"

Leader's New Year Address

Text of President Bush's Message on Nowruz and Interview with VOA Persian Service

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Happy New Year from Payvand.com


New Year Calendar


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Happy New Year from Uzeir Hajibeyov

Arshin Mal Alan, Azeri Opera

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Happy New Year from Robert Frost


Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;
        And give us not to think so far away
        As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
        All simply in the springing of the year.

 Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
        Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
        And make us happy in the happy bees,
        The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.
        And make us happy in the darting bird
        That suddenly above the bees is heard,
        The meteor that thrusts with needle bill,
        And off a blossom in mid-air stands still.

                For this is love and nothing        else is love.

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March 19, 2008

Happy New Year from Farhad

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Happy New Year from RiverArt.Net

On-line Haft-seen


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Happy New Year from Zoroastrians


Items to be added to my next year's "Fourteen SinoShin"


List of  Fourteen SinoShin

First Plate: I am SERKEH, the vinegar. I am sour but I am a good preservative. I add taste to the things you want to preserve and relish. I symbolize tasty preservation.

Second Plate: I am SUMAC, exotic in my own way, I make your favorite kabobs have a tangy taste, a taste you relish. I symbolize taste. 

Third Plate: I am SIR, garlic. Some may not like my aroma and others love it. I lower blood pressure. I pacify. I symbolize peace. 

Fourth Plate: I am SAMANU, a sweetish paste, a kind of halwa, made from germinating wheat. I symbolize the sprouting spring, the time for happy growth.

Fifth Plate: I am SIB, apple. I symbolize the fruits of our world, both literally and allegorically.

Sixth Plate: I am SENJED, the tasteless berry of the sorb tree. I am the fruit of a tree which provides shade in summer. I symbolize the shelter and security you need when you want a rest.

Seventh Plate: I am SABZI, fresh green herbs. I come from green fields. I symbolize prosperity.

The seven plates with "SH" tell us:

First Plate: I am SHARAB, the wine. I am the nectar. I symbolize health and happiness, of course, if taken in moderation! To your health! 

Second Plate: I am SHAKAR, sugar. I give your favorite foods their sweetness.  I symbolize sweetness.

Third Plate: I am SHIR, milk, the first food one tastes in this world. I symbolize nourishing food.

Fourth Plate: I am SHIREH, syrup. I am the sap, the fluid essential for life, health and vigor. I symbolize vigorous health.

Fifth Plate: I SHAHD, honey. I am the sweet produce of the cooperative bees. I symbolize the sweet result of teamwork.

Sixth Plate: I am SHIRINI, candy, loved by those who have a sweet tooth. I simply symbolize sweetness with no sign of bitterness.

Seventh Plate: I am SHIR-BERENJ, rice pudding, and a tasty food. I symbolize food for taste and health.



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March 18, 2008

Happy New Year - Love reborn

"ay-de" for you from Iran...

"ay-de" for you from Iran...


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March 17, 2008

Washington DC, Kazakh Embassy Nauryz 2008 Celebration


Saturday April 5

The Kazakh American Association in collaboration with the Central Asian Cultural Exchange invites you to a Gala Event celebrating the traditional KAZAKH HOLIDAY NAURYZ

Program of the evening:

Doors are open at 4 PM. Art exhibit of Akhmet Akhat, the well-known artist of Kazakhstan 5 PM – concert by ROKSONAKI, the unique neo-traditional avant-garde band from Kazakhstan 6:30 PM – Kazakh Feast with the most tasteful baursak and other Kazakh delicacies prepared by the ladies of the Diaspora 7 PM – games, contests and dance Festivities last until 10 PM

TICKETS: $30 each Children 12 and under - free

Tickets may be purchased only online before Monday, March the 31st at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/29162

Contact information: info@kaa-usa.org

LOCATION: Carnegie Institution for Science 1530 P Street, NW (the corner of 16th and P Street) Washington, DC


Kazakh nesting dolls are on a table during Nauryz

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Boston, Feel the Fire - Azerbaijan Novruz Party

Thursday, March 27th

For the first time in Boston, Sophistication and Fun under the same roof! Azerbaijani-American Society of New England (AASNE) would like to invite you for a charity event and a Novruz (traditional New Year) celebration.

Because every child deserves a smile!

All the proceedings from the event will go to benefit Mirvari International Foundation's (Mirvari.org) project "You Made Me Smile". This is a charity project to sponsor surgeries for children with cleft palate in orphanages across Azerbaijan.


Because every child deserves a smile!

Join us for an unforgettable night of music, dancing, entertaining performances and mingling among Boston's elite international crowd.

The venue will feature a full cash bar, open kitchen, a live DJ and a comfortable upscale setting at one of the most prestigious nightspots of Downtown Boston, Felt Restaurant & Lounge. Drink, dance, chat, be entertained, see and be seen and just have fun, all while doing something good.

Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Time: Reception from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Late night dance party from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Location: Felt Restaurant & Lounge (4th Floor Lounge/Nightclub) http://www.feltclubboston.com/ 533 Washington Street Boston, MA

Music: European and Latin Lounge; R&B; European, Turkish and Latin House Remixes; Azeri National Beats (including world-famous Lezginka); Latin Beats; Top 40 House Remixes.

Crowd: International 20's-30's something.

Dress Code: Upscale chic (No hats, T-shirts, boots or sneakers. Nice jeans are OK).

The event will feature a belly dance performance at 9:00 p.m., followed by a late-night dance party. During the reception hours, the event will also feature a raffle and a possible ballroom dance performance. You will also have fun learning traditional Azerbaijani dances ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=p3uj3Kw8Uv...).

Donations of at least $10 per person at the door are highly encouraged, as we are trying to raise as much money as we can to be able to cover surgery costs for as many children as possible.

Please, RSVP to be added to the guest list.

Don't forget your camera...

Contact: Zaur Mamedov E-mail: zaur_mamedov@hotmail.com

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Tajikistan, Navruz Dinner and Silent Auction for Harsh Winter of 2008



Boulder Dushanbe Relief is holding a variety of fundraising activities and events for the weeks leading up to the festival of Navruz,

If the people of Boulder knew what the people of Dushanbe were going through, they would open their heart. AND THEY NEED IT NOW


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Dallas Texas, Iranian Baptist Church of Dalla NoRuz celebration


Friday March 28


Iranian Baptist Church of Dallas, NoRuz celebration
Location: Hunters Glen PAbtist Church
4001 Custer Rd. Plano TX
Time: 7pm
Information: 214-348-8098



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Dallas Texas, NowRuz Festival




 Saturday March 22

NowRuz festival for the whole family



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Sweden, Persian Norooz Party at Silja Line


Saturday March 29

24 hour non stop Persian norooz Party at Silja Line


 Mer information www.atish.se Telefon: Atish: 0739949994 Silja Line / Bokning : 08-222140 www.silja.se  info@atish.se


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Orlando Florida, Norooz Party


Thursday March 20

Bia2.com and Nava Entertainment Presents:
Norooz Party @ Icon Night club ( Downtown Orlando )
Sounds by Dj Soltan & Dj Borna
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Dubai, Persian Night




Wed. March 19
Fri. March 21
Fri. March 28

Grand Hyatt Dubai

The Hottest & The Biggest Persian Night in THE WORLD with over 1200 People. Please call 0097150-8752235 SMS:0097150-8465100. http://www.22dubai.com
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March 15, 2008

Persian New Year Public Holidays Worldwide




Today, nine countries celebrate Persian New Year nationally. Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

March 20, Norouz Holiday, Persian New Year
March 21
March 22
March 23

March 20, Navruz (Persian New Year)
March 21
March 22

March 21,  Novruz Bayramy, Persian New Year
March 20-March 24, Spring Festival

March 21, NOWROZE

March 22, Nauryz Meyrami, Traditional Spring Holiday

March 21, Nooruz, Krygyz New Year

March 22, Nevruz Day Nevruz

March 21, Novruz Bairam 

March 21 - Navruz, Navro’z Bayrami, Persian New Year

Other countries or regions that celeberate Persian New Year.

Crimea, India, France, Kurdistan, United States,  United Kingdom, Georgia, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Germany,  Lebanon, China, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Sweden,...

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Tehran Exhibition, The World Through A Goldfish's Eye




Photographers see the world though a fisheye lens. The competition coincides with the Iranian New Year, one of whose symbols is the goldfish, appearing on every Noruz spread.

The World of a Goldfish is the 1st photography competition held at Aks Café starting 15 Esfand (5 March), 9-22 hrs.  Over 400 photographs have been submitted to the competition. Thirty works will be selected for an exhibit by the same name.

Arte Gallery
Kordesstan Exp, toward Hemmat-e Sharq, Alikani St (south of Vanak Park Res. Complex), Golesstan St, 12 metri-e dovom St, No 33


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March 14, 2008

New Year Poem




Send this poem to loved ones and encourage them to participate in the New Year events. To save it on your computer just right-click the mouse then save as... have lots of fun wherever you are.



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March 13, 2008

New York, Zoroastrians Prepare to Celebrate Zoroastrian Tradition of Naurooz



Friday, March 21

Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY) today announced that Zoroastrian organizations throughout the United States and Canada will celebrate the important festival of NauRooz (pronounced Noh-Rooz), on Friday, March 21, 2008, marking the official celebration of the Zoroastrian New Year at the turn of the spring equinox. ZAGNY will mark the occasion with a prayer ceremony on March 21, 2008 at 4-30 PM at ARBAB RUSTAM GUIV DARBE-MEHR, 106 Pomona Road, Suffern, NY 10901. Media and the public are invited to attend.

“The beauty, meaning and symbolism of NauRooz can best be experienced by sharing in our traditions and understanding the depth and breadth of NauRooz as more than just a religious holiday, but a celebration of a New Day, and a resolve to work for a brighter year ahead,” said ZAGNY President Homi Gandhi. “While today we are not the only people to celebrate NauRooz, our customs, culture and traditions are unique to our religion and our story as a growing religious body in North America.”

Zoroastrians have long served as effective bridge builders in interfaith dialogue as they see from their own faith, traditions of truth, righteousness, charity, beneficence and respect for creation reflected in traditions of the religions of both the occident and the orient.

“The North American Zoroastrian community is vibrant and growing, and striving for togetherness by celebrating and perpetuating auspicious holidays like NauRooz,” says FEZANA president, Dr. Rustom Kevala. “As we grow in the North American diaspora, it is our responsibility to proactively reach out and educate the public at large, and to showcase the many contributions being made each day by Zoroastrians throughout North America, and indeed throughout the world.”

Zoroastrianism, founded circa 1500 BCE, is credited to be the oldest monotheistic religion, influencing post-exilic Judaism, which adopted some Zoroastrian beliefs such as the ultimate victory of good over evil and the resurrection of souls. These percepts were then transmitted through Judaism to Christianity, and later to Islam. Zoroastrianism flourished as the imperial religion of three Persian empires, those of the Achaemenians, Parthians and Sasanians, and was the dominant religion from Turkey, and eastward to China during those times. North America’s Zoroastrian community includes those who arrived from the Indian subcontinent, known as Parsis, and those who came directly from Iran seeking religious freedom.


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Los Angeles, 18th Annual Celebration of Iranian Cinema at UCLA



March 14 - April 20

2008 marks the Archive's 18th annual Celebration of Iranian Cinema, and our program this year is as eclectic and diverse as ever. This year's offerings include seven new features from Iran and the Diaspora, as well as compelling new documentary and short works on film and video.


A major identifiable theme in this year's program is Iranian culture, whether it's pop culture—including a love triangle and murder that rocked Iran in 2002 (The Red Card) and provided steamy headlines for the Iranian tabloids for months; military culture in Night Bus and Those Three; small town culture in Dandelions Dance in the Wind; an irreverent and entertaining "history" of the city of Tehran in Tehran Has No More Pomegranates!; and an ode to one of the world's most important and enduring art forms in Persian Carpet, which features contributions by contemporary Iran's leading filmmakers, from Bahman Ghobadi to Rakhshan Bani-Etemad.

Nevertheless, most of the works in this series are by emerging directors and the program provides audiences with the opportunity to discover new filmmaking talent from Iran. We also hope to welcome several guests to present and discuss their work in person. Please check our website at www.cinema.ucla.edu for updates on in-person guests for this program.

All films are in Persian with English subtitles, unless otherwise noted.

Special thanks to: Mark Amin.

Additional thanks to: Erica Ginsburg; Bo Smith, Rebecca Mercer—Museum of Fine Arts Boston; Barbara Scharres—Gene Siskel Film Center



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Hounslow UK, The world Zoroastrian organization Jamshedi Navroze dinner and dance


Saturday March 15

The Chairman and the Managing Committee invite you to come along with your family and friends, and celebrate Jamshedi Navroze with us on Saturday 15th March 2008 at 7:00 pm

It is being held at the Shalimar Hotel, 215 – 223 Staines Road, Hounslow. TW3 3JJ. They have a small car park and off street parking is also available.  After the dinner, there will be a magic show performed by Prince Darius and dancing to the music of the Velvet Touch.

Tickets for this very enjoyable event will be £15.00 per adult and £9.50 per child (5 - 12 years). A selection of non‑alcoholic drinks are included in the cost of the tickets. A delicious three course meal will be prepared by Shalimar’s own banqueting staff. 

Please call Godafreed Irani (0208 451 2660) or Noshir Umrigar (0208 852 6273) for further information or booking.  Alternatively, return the attached slip to Goody as soon as possible with your cheque (made payable to WZO). You may also email her at goody@dircon.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please do let them know of any seating preferences you may have, and they will try to accommodate you.

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New York, ACSC's 1st Annual Nowruz Gala Dinner


Friday March 21
Saturday March 22 
You are Cordially Invited to Attend Afghan Community Services Center’s Nowrüz Gala Awards Dinner

ACSC's 1st Annual Nowruz Gala Dinner

Zalmay Khalilzad and Cheryl Benard

His Excellency Zalmay Khalilzad Ambassador of the United States of America to the United Nations and Cheryl Benard Director, Initiative for Middle Eastern Youth, RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy

 Yama Yousefzai
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Noor Television International and Broadcasting Corporation

Najib Haqparast
Platinum Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter (Haqparast Brothers/Haqparast Music Int'l)

SATURDAY, MARCH 21st From 6:00 PM TO 12:00 AM

R.S.V.P by March 10, 2008 - Formal Attire Required - Valet Parking Available

In Kabul, Afghanistan, thousands of people gaze down on the Sakhy Shrine. A holy ceremony celebrating the new year is taking place there.

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Los Angeles, Darband Persian New Year Norouz Party


Saturday March 22

Defining the Evolution of Persian party scene. DJs spinning Hip Hop, House, Terance, Persian, Arabic, Turkish.



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Seattle, Norooz Party




Fiday March 21 

A proud celeberation organized by nwpersians.com and discoparvaz.com



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Tiburon California, International Film Festival



March 13 to 21

Includes selection of latest films made by or about the Iranians from around the world


Movies include: Sound Barrier, Colors of Memory, Unfinished Stories, Exile Family Move, Iran Behind Walls, Faces on the Wall, A Season of Madness, Kill the messenger, The Shade, & Security. For tickets call 415.789.8854 or visit http://www.tiburonfilmfestival.com/schedule.php

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Cupertino California, 16th annual Norouz bazaar to benefit Kahrizak


Sunday March 16 

Join us for a fun filled day of community effort to celebrate Norouz
All your Haft Seen needs, Persian pastries, Norouz flowers,
handicrafts from around the world, music of Ostad Nejad,
traditional dance by Ballet Afsaneh, homemade Persian food, jams and torshi,
and much much more.


Kahrizak Foundation

is holding the 16th annual Norouz Bazaar
To benefit Kahrizak, a Center For Living, Education and Rehabilitation of
the Disabled and the Elderly, in Tehran

SUN. March 16, 2008
9AM - 5PM

at a new location

Cupertino Quinlan Center
10185 N. Stelling Rd., Cupertino CA 95014

Get Direction

Join us for a fun filled day of community effort to celebrate Norouz
All your Haft Seen needs,
Persian pastries,
Norouz flowers,
handicrafts from around the world,
music of Ostad Nejad,
traditional dance by Ballet Afsaneh,
homemade Persian food, jams and torshi,
and much much more.
Lunch will be served at 12:00 - 2:00 by Shalizar Restaurant



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March 10, 2008

Glasgow - United Kingdom, Norouz Party


Monday March 24




INFO: 07881753401
Glasgow - United Kingdom


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Amsterdam, Stichting Andishe Norouz Party


Saturday March 22

گفتم غم تودارم ای یارمهر افروز
خواهم ترا ببینم درجشن عید نوروز
گفتاکه بیست ودوم ازماه مارت میلاد
من میروم به جشنی د یدارحاجی فیروز
گفتم کجاست آنجا؟ رقص و موزیک دارد؟
گفتا که گفته شهناز درگوش من پریروز
درکانون اندیشه رقص و موزیک داریم.
گفتم میام عزیزم دیدار ما به اون روز

DJ Human
Dance Group
Haji Firuz 

Partycentrum 't Zonnehuis
Zonneplein 30
1033 EK Amsterdam-Noord


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Germany, Arena Oberhausen



Saturday March 22

Ebi, Sattar, Kamran & Hooman
Shadmehr Aghili, Afshin, Hengameh
Jahan, Navid, Omid

Entry Time:19:00 Begin Time:19:45
 Arena Oberhausen

till 15.02.2008 € 31
from 16.02.2008 € 36
children under 10 € 18


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Germany, Arang Norooz Party




Thursday March 20

Do, 20.03.2008    Arang Nouruz Party in Karlsruhe 


Einlass: 22:00 Uhr
Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Ende: 04:00 Uhr


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Santa Clara, California - Celebrate Persian New Year with Maryam

Saturday March 29

Come and celebrate Persian New Year, with Rumi Records

Maryam live In Concert at the Santa Clara Convention Center

For the past few months, we have been preparing and coordinating this concert to make sure we have everything in perfect order. This is going tobe a very nice show

Tickets go on sale on Feb 15, 2008. You can purchase your tickets from this site and pay by check or credit card, or you can call toll free 1-866-FOR-RUMI (1-866-367-7864)

In this concert, Maryam will perform songs from her new album (With Love) which will be available on March 29,2008 along with some other songs from her first album (New beginning). Maryam will sing some hit songs from the 50s and 60s from all time favorite Iranian superstars such as Delkash, Dariush & Googosh.

Professional dancers & musicians will shine in this concert along with Master of Piano (Amir Reza Khostavan)


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March 09, 2008

New York, Purim- Jewish Feast of Lots




Thursday March 20th

Megillah Reading at 6:45 PM

Followed by Gala Purim Party
Sumptuous Food – Music – Exciting Entertainment


$30 in advance
R.S.V.P. by March 19th
$40.00 at the door

Call and Reserve Now!

313 West 37th Street, NYC
Between 8th and 9th Avenues
Ground Floor

or reserve on our website: www.hineni.org

Purim: Commemorates the events in Persia in the 5th Century B.C.E. which resulted in Queen Esther’s saving the Jewish people from destruction.


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Tennessee, Naw-Rúz Holy Days



Saturday March 21

Bring your friends and family to the Baha'i Center for a short program and dinner to celebrate the coming of the Baha'i New Year


Bahá'í New Year

Bring your friends and family to the Baha'i Center for a short program and dinner to celebrate the coming of the Baha'i New Year

7 p.m. - Naw-Ruz Celebration - Baha'i Center - Musical program and dinner.
For more information please call 615.333.2242


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March 07, 2008

San Francisco, Gift Center

Saturday March 22

Leila Forouhar, Juniors 5, Black Cats

Gift Center, San Francisco


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Sweden, Persian New Year celebrations




Saturday March 22

It's time to celebrate the Persian New Year again.  The following artists will perform in Annex at the Globe Arenas on March 22:

Shohreh - also known as the Queen of Iranian Pop.
Shahram - studied at the Iran School of Music & Art.
Kia - will perform in Sweden for the first time.
Mehrdad N.Y. - he may be the artist who gets the Annex dancing.


Nourooz 1387

Globens Annex, Stockholm

PLE presenterar årets spännande nyårskonsert!

Den här gången bjuder PLE stolt på en blandning av legender och nya framgångsrika artister. Shahram som varit bland de hetaste iranska artisterna de senaste årtiondet och Shohreh med sina unika och energiska scenframträdanden. Idin är den nya populära popartisten med storslagna musikalbum- och videos och vi ser även Merhdad N.Y. som gjort en stor succé den närmste tiden.

En av Stockholms mest kända DJ:s; Crush medverkar för att ytterligare förhöja stämningen denna festliga kväll.

Besök gärna www.ple.se

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New Jersy, Kharazmi Persian School celebrates Norouz



Saturday March 29

Please join us for an exciting and joyful afternoon to celebrate Persian New Year

Saturday March 29, 2008
12:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Lunch and refreshments (starts 12:00 PM)
Students' performance
Talent show
50-50 Raffle

Clifton Elementary School No.17
361 Lexington Ave.  Clifton,  NJ 07011

Admission for Guests: $5:00 per person
(973) 616-6529 or (914) 423-0579 or (973) 818-9583

E-mail: info@kharazmischool.org

Kharazmi Persian School of New Jersey was established in 1992 to serve the Iranian-American community in Metropolitan area. KPS's efforts are based on the fact that the personal and social identity of our children as 'Iranian-Americans' forms around a correct understanding of the Iranian culture and the Persian (Farsi) language.

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March 06, 2008

Atlanta, Radio Javan Norooz Party




Saturday March 22

Radio Javan presents its annual Norooz party in Atlanta! Join us as we celebrate the Persian new year at AIKO night club.

Featuring the best Radio Javan DJs (Delbar, Barbari, and Taba).

Advance tickets are on sale now.
AIKO is located at 128 East Andrews Dr, Atlanta, 30305


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Toronto, Iranian Student Associations of UofT, YORK, RYERSON, McMASTER, and WATERLOO


Friday March 14

Iranian Student Associations of UofT, YORK, RYERSON, McMASTER, and WATERLOO

 The Terrace Banquet Centre, Toronto, Ontario
 March 14, 2008, 9:30 pm
It is Hosted by Iranian Student Associations of UofT, YORK, RYERSON, McMASTER, and WATERLOO.

Tickets are: Members - $15
Non - Members - $20
*Semi-Private Booths
*Bottles of your favourite drinks
*Priority Entrance
*Private Waitresses
*Exclusive Parking

Contact Information:







Age limit: 19+
Formal Dress Code in Affect.

Note: Please purchase your tickets in advance, tickets are not guaranteed at the door.

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Texas, 127 Music Band

March 5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,19,20,21,22,23

The rock music band 127 is going to participate in the prestigious SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas for the second time, while unfortunately their drummer player has not yet obtained the required permit to leave the country.


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March 03, 2008

San Francisco, Persepolis, celebrate 8000 years of Persian culture




Friday  21 March

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Los Angeles, SABA Dance company


Saturday  March 22

Los Angeles Music Center (Dorothy Chandler Pavilion)

Show Starts Exactly 8PM
Doors Open at 7PM

Tickets available at: Ticketmaster.com
Artist: 1197045
Buy Ticket online

Tickets also available at:

Los Angeles:

  Music Box 1451 Westwood Blvd. Tel(310)473 -3466
   Sound City 1391Westwood Blvd. Tel:(310)479-8495
   Elat Market 8730 W Pico Blvd. Tel:(310)659-7070

Tel: (818)758-9995

Ani Groceray  1500 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Tel: (818)241-7229

Orange County:
Wholesome Choice  18040 Culver Drive, Irvine-Tel: (949)551-4111
Super Irvine 14120 Culver Dr # D Irvine, CA 92604 (949) 552-8844

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March 02, 2008

Toronto, Gift of Joy - Celebrate New Year and help support Iranian refugees



Saturday March 1 to  Sunday  March 30 

Persian New Year (Nowrooz) will be celebrated on March 20, 2008 at 1:48:19am. At this time families gather around the “Haft Seen” table to start the New Year together by feasting and celebrating. This year, like previous years, many queer Iranians who are seeking asylum will be spending New Year away from their home and families. This year IRQO is working on 80 of those asylum cases. We hope to share this special time with them, and therefore we are asking you to help us bring this gift of joy to their homes.


We suggest that you throw a simple party, and ask your friends and families also to take part in giving this gift of joy at such a special time by making a donation.

You may send your collected donations through PayPal services accessible on our website, or write a check to the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization and mail it to the organization. We will distribute the collected donations among all queer asylum seekers. We hope to collect all donations by March 18, so the asylum seekers will have time to purchase clothing, food and pastry in preparation for New Year.

There will be a web page created for this purpose on the IRQO website. If you’d like to extend your invitation to a wider circle of friends and queer right supporters in your city, send us your event details and we will post it on the website. Messages, and if you wish, the name or name of your organization can be posted as well.

For donations please send your checks to the address below:

IRanian Queer Organization – IRQO

PH4-150 Graydon Hall Drive

M3A 3B3 Toronto, Ontario


Please make your checks payable to Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization. In addition, you can write on the check “to help Iranian queer asylum seekers celebrate Nowrooz”.

We will all work together and give this gift of joy to the Iranian queer asylum seekers.

For further information please email us at info@irqo.net or call +1-416-548-4171


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Dubai , Googoosh live in Dubai




Wednesday March 26

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre


Dubai Media City, off Interchange 5, Sheikh Zayed Road ,Sheikh Zayed Road
9:30pm To: 2pm


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France, Association Culturelle Franco-iranienne SABALAN




Friday  21 March
Sunday 23 March

Sabalan fête Norooz en deux soirées

Vendredi 21 mars à 21h30 à la salle polyvalente de Saint Martin du Touch : Soirée dansante. Entrée : 8€ (membres : 6€)

Dimanche 23 mars à 20h au Château Saint Louis :Entrée : 30€ (membres (27€).

Attention! Toutes les places sont déjà réservées! Toute personne n'ayant pas envoyé son chèque avant le 7 mars sera désinscrite au profit d'une personne sur la liste d'attente. Les informations sur la soirée seront sur le site très bientôt.

Vous pouvez commander vos cadeaux de Norouz sur le site de Sabalan.
Consultez les offres de livres de la maison d'édition de Khavaran et des Lettres Persanes

Par ailleurs, nous rappelons aux membres voulant profiter des réductions que c'est le moment de régler leur cotisation!


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Vancouver, CIF Norouz Gala




Saturday, March 22

Canadian Iranian Foundation Proudly Presents Norouz Persian New Year Celebration.





Vancouver, ICCA's 10th Norouz Gala  
Note: Iranian Canadian Cultural Foundation (different organization) can be found at http://www.icca-bc.com/

Tickets are Non-Members: $99, Members: $90, Students (with valid ID): $75. For membership info please see www.icca-bc.com

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San Jose New Year Parade




Sunday March 30th - 11am

Downtown San Jose, Fairmont Hotel plaza
Attendance is free

We are the Norouz Festival committee. The mission of our committee is to provide a venue for celebrating Iranian New Year rituals for the Iranian-American community in our new home.


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San Francisco, Turquoise Bridges Norooz ‘08 Celebration




Friday March 21
Friday March 28

Turquoise Bridges once again presents the 3rd Annual Norooz Celebration at the Rotunda of the San Francisco City Hall.


This celebration has rapidly become a signature annual event in San Francisco. Afsaneh Art & Cultural Society and Nejad World Music Center combine their talents and present a magical blend of Classical and Modern Persian music accompanied by beautiful dancers in traditional costumes. The evening embodies breathtaking performances, great food and a magical ambiance -- a delightful evening celebrating the advent of Spring or the traditional Persian New Year.

Ticket prices: $175.00 (advance)
$200.00 (at door)

.VIP Reception $500: Become a Saadi sponsor for this celebration benefitting Turquoise Bridges. Receive recognition in the Norooz program and attend the private VIP reception with special invited guests and other dignitaries.


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Chicago, FIRE n' ICE Persian New Year parties




Friday March 14th
Saturday March 15th

This year's Persian New Year celebration in Chicago will span 2 days, back to back nights, for the 1st time!


http://www.MamuEvents.com presents...

"FIRE" party
Friday, March 14th, 10p-2a
@ Ole Lounge
2812 N. Lincoln Ave | Chicago

** w/ Chicago's own, DJ Sultan & complimentary passed tapas, 11p-12a

"ICE" party
Saturday, March 15th, 10p-3a
@ Blue Coral
1265 N. Milwaukee Ave | Chicago

** w/ D.C.'s, DJ Iman and DJ Jiman & complimentary passed Sushi, 10p-11p

TICKETS:: $15 for both parties >> best deal!
21 to enter. Dressy attire only. No jeans allowed.

This is a 21+ event.

Cost: $15

Official Sitehttp://www.mamuevents.com/2008/02/norouz-2008-preflyer.html

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San Jose Almaden Library Celebrates Norouz

Saturday March 8 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join us (program is free and open to all) here at the Almaden Library as we celebrate the festive Norouz holiday (Persian New Year). There will be a Norouz song by a children's group, Ballet Afsaneh dance program with audience participation and Master Nejad and the Nejad Youth Orchestra.

There will also be a children's parade, various holiday crafts and more. This event is co-sponsored by the Cambrian, Almaden and Vineland Branches with the generous support of the various Friends organizations at each library.


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March 01, 2008

Los Angeles, Celebrate Nowrooz 2008 with APSIH


Friday March 28

Nowrooz is celebration of new year for Iranian all around the world. This year APSIH (Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage) has planned a fun filled event for our members and their guests.


When: Friday March 28, 2008
Where: Olympic Collection
11301 Olympic Blvd. #204, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tel: 310-575-4585
Fax: 310-575-4597
E-mail: info@ocbanquet.com
Tickets: $50
For more information Please call APSIH at 909.869.2569



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Los Angeles, Child Foundation's 2008 Norooz Bazaar



Sunday March 9, Sunday March 16

Free Admission & Live Entertainment!

Los Angeles 
March 9
10:00 am - 7:00 pm                      
The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles,  CA  90067

March 16, 2007
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
The Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport
18800 MacArthur Boulevard
Irvine, CA  92612

Free Admission & Live Entertainment!

Guest Artists & Performers

DJ Omid
Guitarist, Amir Naghdi
Mr. Eram & the Hasti Dance Group
Classical Pianist, Margarita Chkheidze
Folk singers, Mrs. Soroor Nayeri & Mrs. Rostami
Live music and dancing, Mr. Saeid & Mr. Hamid Dayhimi

To find out more information contact Child Foundation: 

Telephone:  (818) 50 50 100 or (949) 754 0611
Email: cfmain@childfoundation.org

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San Jose, Persian Center NOROUZ 2008


Friday March 28

Persian Center Norouz Celebration 2007: FRIDAY, March 28th, Fairmont San Jose

Persian Center cordially invites you "NOROUZ 2008", FRIDAY, March 28th, 6:30 pm at the Fairmont San Jose, 170 S Market St San Jose, CA. The evening will include cultural performances, dinner, and dancing. For tickets, sponsorships, or more info, please call 510-848-0264. 

Chahrshanbeh Souri 2008 @ Persian Center: TUESDAY, March 18th



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North Carolina., 2008 Norooz Celebrations



Saturday March 22,

Persian food, Persian music, and lots of dancing!  Tickets are $40 for adults, $20 for children (12 and under). Call Marina at 336.508.0849 for tickets. March 22, Saturday, 6:00PM - Norooz Party (New Year). The Marriott (Airport) ballroom, in Greensboro off of Bryan Blvd.


March 18, Tuesday evening - Chahar Shanbeh Suri, with our traditional leap over the bonfires.  Place: In Elon/Burlington, a big event at Morazi's International Grill, 2085 North NC 87, Elon, NC 27244, call  (336) 585-0050.  Masoud has a special Persian menu for this year, and the dining starts at 6PM.  In Greensboro, we'll be back at the country home of Mehraban Dashtaki-Mobareke, 317 Buchanan Heights Rd., Greensboro, NC 27405. We’ll serve Persian tea, and we encourage you to bring sweets!


March 22, Saturday, 6:00PM - Norooz Party (New Year). The Marriott (Airport) ballroom, in Greensboro off of Bryan Blvd.   Persian food, Persian music, and lots of dancing!  Tickets are $40 for adults, $20 for children (12 and under). Call Marina at 336.508.0849 for tickets.


March 30, Sunday, 10:00AM until dark - Sizdah Be Dar.  (13th Day Picnic) We’ll be back at Bur-Mil Park this year for our all-day picnic.  We’ve reserved Shelter 1, the first shelter on your left as you enter, which is a large shelter with a playground for the kids.  Bring food, beverages, instruments, soccer balls, and plan to stay the whole day!


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San Francisco, Norouz Celebration




Friday March 7


ICC is proud to host the third annual Norouz celebration on Friday March 7th 2008,
7:00 - 9:30 pm.




Enjoy an unforgettable evening featuring
Live Persian Music
Live performance by Niosha Dance Academy
Persian Poetry
Special Appearance by Maz Joubrani


15$ with student ID
35$ General Admission
Ticket pices will go up on March 1'st.
For group discount tickets 10+ Contact us
All proceeds go toward Rahimian Charity Hospital in Ghazin, Iran

Jack Adams Hall
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway ave. San fransico Ca 94132

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Washington DC, George Washington University's Iranian Cultural Society


Sunday March 2


The George Washington University's Iranian Cultural Society Proudly Presents:
Norooz 1387, A celebration of Persian New Year




Marvin Center, 800 21st. Street, NW, Washington DC
March 2, 2008, 6:00 pm
The George Washington University's Iranian Cultural Society Proudly Presents:
Norooz 1387, A celebration of Persian New Year

Join us on Sunday, March 2nd 2008 at 6PM for a night full of celebration featuring:

A special guest appearance by comedian K-Von, from Axis of Evil Comedy Group,
Live musical and dance performances
Poetry reading and much more...

Followed by gourmet Persian dinner and an after party with DJ Barobax.

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Irvine, Celebrate Norouz With NIPOC


Saturday March 22

Join NIPOC on SATURDAY MARCH 22, 2008 (6:30 PM -1 AM) as we celebrate the Persian New Year (Norouz).


Program includes:

  • Dinner, Pastries, Dessert, Fruits
  • Live Entertianmen
  • Haft-Seen

You must pre-purchase tickets to participate.
Location: Hilton Hotel (Across John Wayne Airport) 18800 MacArthur Blvd. Irvine, California, 92612 Tel: 949-833-9999
Price: Members $55, Guests: $65
Contact: (949) 851-3993

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Houston, Persian New Year Festival



Sunday March 23

The fourth Annual Persian New Year Festival will be held on Sunday March 23, 2008 from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Jones Plaza in downtown Houston, Texas. This program is organized by the Iranian-American Cultural Organization of Houston, a non-profit cultural organization.


This festival features folkloric and traditional dancers of Djanbazian Dance Company, singers Sandy and Bita. Also enjoy traditional Iranian music by Chakavak ensemble, local band Persia, and DJ Arash. This festival also features cultural exhibitions, Persian Bazaar, children's games and activities, Persian food, and more.  Join more than 3500 people who celebrate the coming of Norouz in the beautiful Jones Plaza in downtown Houston.

Tickets are $15.00 for adults, $5 for youngsters between 7-12 years old, and free for under  7 years. Advanced purchase:  Buy 5 get one free.  Tickets sold at Super Vanak, OK Travel, and Phoenicia Market.  For more information contact  (713) 213-4500 or visit www.persianfest.com.

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